Tall MK2 Mirror Axel white washed wood finish (Timothy Oulton Outlet)

Product Eigenschappen

Lengte135 cm
Breedte135 cm
Hoogte135 cm
KleurWhite Washed Wood
Normale Winkel Prijs€ 1825,-

Product omschrijving

The Axel mirror crosses old world and industrial with its combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese junks and hand-treated metal detailing. The boatwood is painstakingly reclaimed, with 400 nails removed from the timber to make just one Axel mirror. Each piece is different, as the finish accentuates uniquely weathered colourations and textures resulting from decades of exposure to the high seas and elements.

Special Note: Natural cracking may occur over time and is not a sign of defect. Each product is finished individually, therefore colour and margins WILL vary from piece to piece.

Shown in – White Washed Wood
Part of – Coastal Cloud Living Room Collection

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